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araniko■lov said.T●he presence in Bulg●aria of such a g●lobal comp〓any like Huawei, spo◆ke well for the cou〓ntry's policies●, he added.Chinese A■mbassador to Bulg●aria Zhang Haizhou, ●who also attended○ the event,◆ said it marked th■e beginning ○of a new stage● in the d

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evelopme〓nt of cloud tec■hnologies in ○Bulgaria. ○Huawei Technologi〓es has been pr◆esent in Bulgaria○ since 2004, and ha◆s been a maj●or supplier for the ■telecom market 〓in the country.Ple◆ase scan the QR Co■de to follow us on ●InstagramPlease sc◆an the QR Cod〓e to follow■ us on WechatChina's■ Huawei trai●ns Indonesi●an ICT talent■s through SmartGe●n programChina's Hua■wei trains I●ndonesian ICT tal〓ents through S■martGen programChina〓's Huawei trains In〓donesian ICT■ talents through S●martGen program0○3-28-2017 0〓7:10 BJTJAKART◆A, March 27

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